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Hi and welcome to Max Rowe windsurfing!

I’m Max, a professional windsurfer from the UK living my dream: traveling the world windsurfing and competing on the PWA windsurfing freestyle world tour.

If you want to know more about what I am up to all year, please check out my blog or follow me on Instagram (@maxrowek20)!

Want to improve your windsurfing skills? I am also a windsurfing instructor working all summer at Club Vass in beautiful Greece.


  • Kit

    Kit For Sale September 2016:

    2016 North Sails Hero Hybrid 3.4 £220

    2016 North Sails Hero m.e £250

    2016 North Sails Warp 7.0 (Brand new) £450

    2016 North Sails Idol ltd 4.0 £200

    2016 North Sails Idol ltd 5.2 £200

    2017 North Sails Idol ltd 5.2 Proto £220

    2014 North Sails Hero 5.3 Proto £145

  • Location

    Current Location:Salzburg, Austria

  • Next

    Next Stop:Vassiliki, Greece


Current Location


Cape Town Winter NEW Cat Rugged phones ad.

Cape Town Winter NEW Cat Rugged phones ad.

May 7, 2017
It was another epic winter out in Cape Town, for anyone that has been following me on social media It would’ve been hard to miss as I spent three months there heading out in December all the way through until the beginning of March. In fact it was the maximum 90 days you’re allowed without
UK Windsurfer of the year 2016

UK Windsurfer of the year 2016

February 19, 2017
When I got my fourth nomination for the UKWA windsurfer of the year back in November I felt truly grateful for being recognised once more over a spell of seven years, but I genuinely thought that would be the only joy to come from it. The line up of other sailors and their achievements alone