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Welcome to my new site, we’re still working on it at the moment, we will be migrating the content from all over social media, blogs, etc into one place. And that place is here. Check back soon to see how we’re getting on!


  • Kit

    Kit For Sale:

    2014 4.8 North IDOL ltd (no graphics) £190
    2014 5.2 North IDOL ltd (no graphics) Hardly used £250
    2013 3.7 North Hero Only £200. Hardly used and in amazing condition.
    2013 5.3 North Idol. Very good condition. £250
    2012 5.0 North I.D in great condition. £180
    North Platinum Carbon booms 2013 140-190 (with original grip) £275
    North Platinum Carbon boom 140-190(without original grip) £225

  • Location

    Current Location: Maui, Hawaii

  • Next

    Next Stop: Cape Town, South Africa


Current Location


Maui update!

January 14, 2015
Sitting here on a no wind day in Cape Town completely knackered after the epic conditions we’ve had out here the last few weeks I figured this was the perfect chance to compile all my best pictures from the last two months in Maui. I was out there again to do the testing for the

Winter update!

January 15, 2014
Ok so first of all one of my aims now I’ve got this brand spanking new website thanks to Ginger Chris at Local Stray is to keep it all fully updated with what I’m up to! So after finishing the year ranked 15th on the PWA tour for the second year running and 5th on