Cape Town Winter NEW Cat Rugged phones ad.

It was another epic winter out in Cape Town, for anyone that has been following me on social media It would’ve been hard to miss as I spent three months there heading out in December all the way through until the beginning of March. In fact it was the maximum 90 days you’re allowed without getting a visa. It was my fifth time there for a winter trip and each year it has progressed in to spending more and more time there, it’s a place that’s hard to ever feel like you’ve had enough of. I don’t think I’m the only one with that feeling judging by the amount of familiar faces I see out there every year and this year was no exception with over 20 employees from Club Vass spending some of their winter time off out there the social programme was more hectic than ever!


During the end of the trip I got the chance to film this advert to promote the Cat Rugged Phones S60. I have to say it was by far the highest level production I’ve been apart of which had me pretty excited to see the outcome. There’s going to be a few more versions coming out in the next few months! I love it and feel that the amount of effort that went in on the days getting these shots really paid off. More action would be sweet but hey it’s a phone ad and I’m stoked that this will be pushed out through their channels and non windsurfers will get a little taste for the sport.

Check out this gallery from the trip with some of my favourite pics! It’s hard to pick the favourite moments but Valerie’s birthday spent in this amazing place in Scarborough with some amazing friends was right up there, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick the place out as it would’ve been a tad over budget to spend the entire trip there! That along with some of the glassy morning surfs and some great sessions with just the Club Vass crew out at Doodles. Already excited to spend some more time out there next winter!