Max Rowe

Sail Number: K 20

Date of birth: 07.07.1988

Nationality: British

Residence: Great Britain

Windsurfing since: 2003

Competing on the PWA freestyle windsurfing tour since: 2010

Favorite Spot: Vassiliki, Greece



17th PWA Surf world cup Podersdorf

17th PWA world cup Fuerteventura

National watersports festival Night windsurf champion, Hayling Island UK


25th PWA Leucate

5th EFPT Milos Beach

27th PWA Fuerteventura

9th EFPT Holland

1st Hayling Island Night Tow in

2nd British Freestyle Championships


9th PWA Sylt
15th PWA Bonaire
17th PWA Fuerteventura

14th Overall world ranking


5th EFPT Russia
9th EFPT France

5th Overall European ranking

13th PWA Austria
16th PWA Fuerteventura
9th PWA Holland
13th PWA Sylt

15th Overall world ranking


15th Overall PWA world ranking

17th PWA Austria

17th PWA Fuerteventura

13th PWA Sylt


15th PWA Vietnam

9th PWA Austria

13th PWA Bonaire

25th PWA Aruba

17th PWA Fuerteventura

19th Overall PWA freestyle world ranking

1st Poole windfest, UKWA

2nd Hayling Island NWF, Freestyle

1st Hayling Island Tow-in comp

9th EFPT Milos Beach

9th Overall European ranking


UK Vice Freestyle Champion

11th PWA Furertventura

17th PWA Lanzarote

33rd PWA Austria

17th PWA Sylt

21st Overall PWA freestyle world ranking

5th Russian Freestyle event, Egypt


1st Xpression freestyle tour, Weymouth

5th Venezuelan nationals, El yaque, Margarita

17th European freestyle pro tour event, Milos beach, Greece

1st Vassiliki watersports festival, Greece

1st UKSA British nationals light wind freestyle, Brighton

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